Counter Stage

Research/development (2019)

Part 1 - 00:01 – 02:23

Voice of Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy) from ‘Three Approaches to Psychotherapy’ (1965). Client Gloria’s voice removed, replaced with myself as nonspeaking ‘patient’. I 'speak' with objects and movement in relation to Perls’ voice/text.*

Part 2 – 02:25 - 04:58 

continuing collaboration from ‘Therapy as Performance’ (2018) with Jeff Collins, LCSW, on subjects of death and dying. Objects include ‘fake’ organs and bones, word cards.                         

Part 3 - 04:59 - 05:31

Movement exploration to ‘Overture/Underture’ from Therapy As Performance, by leeny sack. Additional text from “Interfaces: Women/Autobiography/ Image/Performance”.            



Voice of Fritz Perls transcription:        

I am to interview a patient and I like to give you some thumbnail sketch of what Gestalt therapy stands for. Uh, Gestalt therapy's working on an equation - alienated, given up so much of his potential that his ability to cope with his existence becomes badly impoverished. 

Now, what are you doing with your feet now?

You joke now. (laugh)

You want me …

Are you aware of your smile? You don't believe a word  …

(unintelligible) … You bluff. You're a phony.

You see, I don't need a scientific computer to see that you're kicking your feet. What's big about that?  You don't need to be wise to see that you're kicking your feet.

(unintelligible) That's your imagination …     

Did I ask you to explain …

That's right, kicking your feet. I didn't ask you to explain it. That's your imagination. That's not this Fritz, it's the Fritz of your imagination.

Are you a little girl?

Are you a little girl?”